About Us

The Challenge

Members of the transplant community face continual challenges. Transplant candidates endure disabling illness, long waits, & anxiety hoping to receive a life-saving organ. Recipients cherish their gift of new life but then are confronted with a regimen of life long medications, huge medical expenses & public misunderstandings. Families & friends, the caregivers, bare the burdens of supporting the patient & the entire household for extended periods. Throughout their transplant experience, these people need access to information, assistance & understanding to help them face these challenges.

Advocacy & Education

We stay attuned to legislation affecting recipients & educate our membership to its maximum potential effects. We work with our legislators to encourage legislation which we believe benefits the transplant community. We serve as a facilitator in helping candidates & recipients meet their needs. We encourage the strong support of family & friends.

ORA/AR provides information on:

  • Developments in transplantation
  • MedicationsButterflies
  • Organ & Tissue Donation
  • The personal transplant experience
  • Governmental initiatives in transplantation.