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Patient Assistance Fund

Many times we, as transplant recipients, are faced with financial challenges. We know what an extended hospital stay, co-pays for medications, numerous trips to doctor costs, food, utilities, etc. can do to our budgets.

In 2008, ORA/AR established the Patient Assistance Fund (PAF) to help with such financial challenges. The PAF is designed to help pay for medical & other related expenses that are of an emergency or non-insured nature. Your ORA/AR dues help the PAF.

In the year 2014, $4,263.00 was paid from the PAF to aid recipients in their time of need. To receive this type of financial assistance, specific eligibility criteria must be met. Once an application is received an evaluation process takes place which will determine whether assistance will or will not be provided. There is a limit as to the level of assistance that can be provided to each applicant each year. If you need emergency assistance, the best place to start is with your transplant coordinator.

Transplant Assistance Form